The Mediterranean

caipre Nick Platt · 1 min read

August 5—Day 49: Morga to Menton

Christine made coffee in the morning and we stayed for little longer at the garden. There was no reason to hurry: it was only two hours more to Menton. And this was a place worth staying a while.

The final way into Menton was hard, some of the hardest of the trek. And not all that enjoyable to walk, either. The trail was really in the desert now, as dry and dusty as ever. After Col du Berceau, the final pass, the trail dives down 1200m to the sea. The path is just loose stones and dirt, so every step requires attention and careful placement. It’s very exhausting walking, physically and mentally. More than once I slipped when a rock caught underfoot, rolling underneath. It wasn’t even 11:00AM, but already it was quite hot in the sun. This descent was very, very slow.

Then, following roads and stairs down into town, we arrived. Menton. The end of the trail. We stopped for a celebratory drink (or two), dropped of our bags at Hotel Lemon, then made our way to the sea.

No further to go now; this really was the end of the trek. And what a trek!